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ZOOM会議室の12怪人対策: ユーチューブを観ながら読む本 Kindle版(300円)

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Contents of this book

In both traditional in-person meetings and Zoom meetings, the use of facilitators to ensure smooth progress has become widespread.

I have classified the troublemakers in meetings that facilitators must skillfully manage into 12 categories,

and named them the 12 mysterious people lurking in the meeting room.

Not only do these mysterious people fail to recognize themselves as problem individuals,

they actually think of themselves as hardworking contributors driven by a strong sense of loyalty, which makes them difficult to deal with.

Successfully controlling these types of people is the key to meeting success, whether it’s a Zoom meeting or any other type of meeting.

I have worked with people from various countries, including Japan, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and India.

Although there are slight differences based on nationality, I found that people from all countries had similar characteristics.

The 12 mysterious people were present in meeting rooms in every country.

In general, people who talk too much and can’t listen to others, in other words, those who are self-centered and have poor listening skills, are disliked in any country.

This is particularly true for Americans.

On the other hand, those who have good listening skills and can stand in the other person’s shoes to listen to their perspective, are accepted by society and rise to become leaders in organizations.

This is because such people value communication with others and never forget to express gratitude to others.

Therefore, I will introduce the 12 types of troublesome people in the meeting room who are causing

problems without realizing it,

and share their characteristics and my own approaches to dealing with them.

These are based on my actual experiences from my 70 years of life.



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